We’re located in the heart of the city. 

First, find the corner building on Karl Marx and Gryaznova street. Then, access the backyard of this building through an arched entrance between Cinema Club and posh clothing store from Gryaznova street. And that's it! You will see our entrance immediately after you walk into the entrance to the backyard.




Public transport in Irkutsk is generally lacking. It doesn't have a schedule only really rough estimates, it also generally stops working after 22:00.


If you want to use it anyway google maps or yandex maps have the best data on what public transport gets you from point A to point B. Follow it.


Alternatively. download a taxi app (Gett, Yandex.taxi or Maxim taxi) and you will never know any troubles getting around Irkutsk. It's also pretty cheap and safe.


1Б,  Gryaznova Street, Irkutsk, Siberia, Russia 664003 info@zhostel.net  |  Tel: +7 (902) 515-25-35

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